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Mamaxpert Rapid Pregtest Card

₹ 35.25

Mamaxpert Rapid Pregtest Card is an easy-to-use pregnancy test device that may help provide accurate results within 5 minutes. It enables you to take a quick test without having to go to the doctor for it.


  • It is a one-step HCG urine pregnancy test that allows you to achieve quick results

Product Specifications And Features:

  • It can aid in providing instant and accurate results using the samples
  • The box contains one test device, one disposable dropper and a desiccant to hold the device
  • It has a small crater-like provision that helps hold the sample required for the test
  • The pink lines indicate whether the result is positive, negative or invalid
  • If two lines appear at the 'T' and 'C' indicator, the result is positive; If one line appears at the 'C' indicator, the result is negative; If a pink line appears at the 'T' indicator or if there are no visible lines, repeat the test with new device and sample